I2c pwm converter2


You have three choices for powering your motors:

  1. You buy ESCs that understand I²C signals. Usually these are very expensive and they are rare.
  2. You reprogram your standard ESC to read I²C. (Link needed)
  3. Use Willa's custom made I²C to PWM converters.

The Eagle schematics and the firmware can be downloaded from


I²C 1

Okto mabomiko

I²C V2 for Octocopter

Currently it supports up to 8 I²C adresses which you can select with jumpers and also work with a original mikrocopter.

  • ATMega AVR 8-16 AU
  • TQFP-32
  • Running at 8MHz


You have to teach the min/max throttle to your ESCs (+-100% on your transmitter). Additionally, you'll have to disable the voltage cut-off of your ESCs (e.g. by setting them to NiCD mode).

ESCs tested so far with 417Hz (not in flight yet):

  • Turnigy Plush - 60A
  • Turnigy Plush - 40A
  • Turnigy Plush - 25A
  • Turnigy Plush - 10A
  • Turnigy Plush - 6A
  • TowardPro Mag8 ESC 18A
  • HobbyKing HK-HW30A 25A

The files "okto_mambomiko.*" enable the selection of up to 8 i²c addresses. Should work with a mikrokopter with firmware 0.78 .

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